Meet Taz Thornton: Inspirational Speaker, Best Selling Author & Extreme Empowerment Strategist

For more than a decade, Taz Thornton has served as an advisor and encourager for people the world over. With a proven track record spanning personal development, leadership, business turnaround & corporate coaching, Taz’s brand of extreme empowerment encourages individuals and organisations to break through their fears, smash past limiting beliefs and achieve the seemingly impossible.

UK’s Number One Inspirational Breakthrough Speaker

It’s not unusual to hear people credit Taz with changing their lives, whether they’ve been directly impacted through her #UnleashYourAwesome empowerment seminars, heard her speak at an event, read some of her work or simply seen her online. Wherever she goes, Taz challenges people to be their best, to be authentic and to recognise just how incredible their potential really is, so it’s not surprising that she’s fast becoming the UK’s number one inspirational breakthrough speaker.

What began as a young woman’s dream to ‘see if she could’ turned into a crusade to show people just how awesome they can be.

Outside of her workshop and speaker programme, Taz’s drive to create a positive impact on the world takes her to places here and overseas, from encouraging young people in prisons to make a positive change to working with corporate organisations to empower their people to break through their fears, her aim is to go wherever she’s needed to make a difference.

Extreme Empowerment

When Taz took the decision to leap from a safe, secure directorship with one of the world’s biggest multi-national publishers, it was because she knew there was bigger work to be done and more people to reach than she could within the confines of her corporate life. Arguably, Taz was at the peak of her corporate career when she unlocked her golden handcuffs to jump into the unknown, leaving behind a promise of international career progression, as well as all the rich trappings of high-level corporate management. Despite being advised against the move by peers and business advisors, Taz knew she had to take the leap of faith. It was, she says, one of the biggest trust falls she’s ever done.

Life has a funny way of working out when you’re following your dreams and, within only a few months of ditching the pinstripes, Taz found herself learning from the same empowerment team who trained Tony Robbins, and with a whole portfolio of newfound ‘extreme’ coaching skills opening up for her.

TazGlassSitArrowNow, it’s not unusual to see Taz leading people barefoot across red hot coals or broken glass to help them realise their own power, just as she helps people splinter target arrows with their throats or smash through blocks with their bare hands to help them break through their fears and limiting beliefs.

Seeing is believing… experiencing is something even more powerful!

Spiritual Exploration

Despite her corporate background, Taz is powered by a strong interest in spirituality and mindfulness that she uses to encourage people to believe in something more and to achieve a deep inner calm.

Taz’s interest in spirituality and universal energy began at a young age, and she began to explore this formally in her 20s, when she trained in reiki and, later, when she felt a pull towards shamanism – a body of teachings and way of life believed to be the world’s oldest spiritual path, and based on the concept of everything having an energy.

Having worked with some of the world’s leading authorities on shamanism and energy, Taz sometimes brings ancient techniques into a corporate setting, using old tribal methodologies to enable teams to listen to each other on a deeper level, feel heard and avoid – or manage – conflict.

Using mindfulness and meditation techniques in a corporate setting can also help to align goals, hone purpose and create space for more creativity and visionary ideas to come to the fore.


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